My Week on Tinder
My Tinder Bender Conclusion- After the Final Swipe


In the past year, I’ve gone on 60 first dates. You thought I’d be dead in a ditch by now, didn’t you? Well, I’m alive! Pretty impressive, eh? (You can imagine how many Scene points I have.) I’ve been Screeched in, flown to Boston, and forced to eat an oyster. (Grody.) For a first time experimenting with online dating, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot. Sixty human beings, 22 smooches, 5 or 6 sexual encounters (does the threesome count as one or two?) I feel very confident I have a better understanding of the dating world now. I’ve Tindered in Maui, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Glasgow, Halifax, Newfoundland, and of course I’ve painted a great picture of the city I live in, Toronto. (I did better with words than with actual paint, eh?)


That’s a lot of dates for a girl who doesn’t shower every day, can’t walk in heels, wears earrings from Ardene and can out burp most men she knows. (Lucky for you, this wasn’t a Vlog.) I’ve heard the dating advice, “You’ve gotta put yourself out there!” Well, mission accomplished. My Week on Tinder accidentally turned into my year on Tinder. (I never did learn how to pimp out my Tumblr page. Sorry about that.)

My main goal when I made this wild decision to go on 50 first dates, was to prove how fun being single is. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how old you are. Don’t dread it. Own it. I know sometimes you think you’ll never be single again, but should it happen, know you’ll be okay. Nothing made me cry with joy more than getting messages from women who finally left toxic relationships because I actually made being single look fun. I’m truly flattered. I enjoyed being a landing pad for newly single people.

I’ve made some discoveries myself. I’ve gone from searching for the right man, to searching for the right person. I’ve gone from being shy or embarrassed about sex, to bonding with tons of people over it. I’ve gone from having an open mind, to an expanded one.

I’m this tender balance of horny and insecure. I like having sex, but the constant worry of what I look like naked holds me back most of the time. Maybe that’s why we all celebrated my .5 dates. Because that was me, letting go.

Tinder has been a fun experiment. Sometimes learning more about your own sexuality is done more freely with new people. (I almost called them strangers, but that word seems to have a creepy connotation.) I think we’ve all learned the old “sex ruins a friendship” lesson. It’s a lesson I wish I could engrave in my skull. There are some friendships I facking wish could go back to normal…

I really want to thank everyone who shared and liked my blog. I’ve never been a very disciplined writer. (You can see that in my old blog, - hasn’t been a new entry in years…) But because you all looked forward to my Tinder Tuesdays, you motivated me. And motivating a girl with multiple pairs of slippers isn’t easy. Thank you.

Oh and thanks to everyone who found typos and let me know. You know that means a lot to me. Not ALOT though! Obvi. (Super duper kudos to Lisa Oki. Thanks girl!)

I think it’s so cute how excited everybody got when they thought I was gonna settle down. The fact is, this isn’t a movie. There is no formulaic ending to a real-life story. I’m still single, and I love that I am. I don’t think marriage (or maturity) should be rushed into. And hey, if you’re single too, cool. You might just find me out there…

I don’t know what comes to mind when you hear the word “dating.” To me, it just means, “hanging out with fellow human beings.” I love it. Sure if it leads to a kiss, sex, love, commitment and a future, you’re blessed. But I’m happy if it’s just a great night out, learning about the world one person at a time. I know I’m getting cheesy, but I’m pretty emotional over ending the biggest accidental project of my life. So on that note, I’m going out with a Lady Gaga quote. I know! You didn’t see this coming, did you? You probably thought I’d go with Taylor Swift for sure. But here it is, straight from the song Gypsy

I don’t wanna be alone forever…

But I can be tonight…

And I will be alone tonight. Can you blame me? I just spent a year on Tinder. I gotta date with my couch and some cheese tonight. (Plus, I gotta rest up for my new Christian Mingle blog. Bahahahaha! Kidding, obvi.)

Keep Calm, and Tinder On,

Christina Walkinshaw

P.S. One week today, a dream is coming true. I’m performing at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal! Hosted by BROAD CITY!! I love those chicks!! I better not FACK this up! (I don’t even know if I put this link in right.)

P.P.S. Oh and thanks to all these people! You were on my Tinder profile the WHOLE time! You helped me score all those dudes! Woot Woot!


P.P.S.S. I will keep writing. I promise. Stay tuned…

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